What is this?

Secrets of Bizarre Chicago is a scavenger hunt that you play using your cell phone. It’s a free, fun way to discover some of the strange and forgotten history around the neighborhood. You play at your own pace, for as long as you want, and if you uncover enough secrets you’ll earn a discount for the Bizarre Wicker Park or Bizarre Bucktown walking tours.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch.  It’s just a way to promote the neighborhood and Bizarre Chicago walking tours and events.

If you choose to play, your usual cell phone charges for text and data will apply. Your phone number will not be called or sold. The only texts you’ll receive will be in response to the messages you send while playing the game. 

How do I play?

1) Find the Bizarre Chicago signs at landmarks in Bucktown and Wicker Park (and elsewhere). 



2) Text the code word from the sign to the indicated phone number.



3) Tap the link in the automated reply to learn the history, lore,  and secrets of the location. Some of it may surprise you!

How do I win?

Visit as many locations as you’d like. There’s no time limit. After you’ve visited five locations you can receive a discount on one of my uniquely entertaining guided walking tours. When you’re ready to claim your discount coupon, fill out this form.


  • The Bizarre Chicago signs that reveal a location’s code word are not hidden, but you’ll need to keep your eyes peeled. 
  • Some locations have more than one code word and secret, as noted on the map.
  • Keep the text message thread from your game, or somehow save the code words from each location. You’ll need them to claim your prize.

If you can’t find a sign at a location that’s supposed to have one, maybe it has gone missing. Please let me know with a text (the ‘bot won’t understand, but I’ll see your message) or email me at info @ bizarrebucktown.com

Have fun and happy hunting!  Thanks for playing.

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